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CL-1918-1S Single sided automotive lighting system trainer + Add to wishlist


The ConsuLab CL-1918-1S Single Sided Automotive Lighting System Trainer utilizes the “Moduponent®” design feature which allows unlimited expansion capabilities. A Moduponent® consists of a clear Plexiglas sheet with components, wiring and socket test points attached. The Moduponent® is attached to the trainers using disconnect fasteners which allows easy adaptation and configuration for different applications.


Educational Advantages

  • Students can build a complete automotive lighting system
  • The trainer can provide multiple student work stations accessible from either side when equipped with optional upgrade kit
  • Lighting system responds to inserted faults (10) with real world symptoms
  • Includes an instructor and student manual correlated to NATEF tasks with student assignments and activity sheets with answer keys
  • All components to build the following circuits:
    ○ Headlights with high beam indicator
    ○ Turn signals with indicators
    ○ Hazard lights
    ○ Backup lights
    ○ Parking and tail lights
    ○ Side marker lights
    ○ License plate light
    ○ Brake lights
    ○ Horn


  • Available single sided (#52514) or double sided (#52771)
  • Manual fault box with 10 faults for the following circuits:
    ○ Headlights switch (2)
    ○ Hazard flasher (1)
    ○ Backup lights switch (1)
    ○ Stop lights switch (2)
    ○ Turn signals (1)
    ○ Ignition switch (1)
    ○ Dimmer switch (1)
    ○ Right turn signal indicator (1)


  • CL-1918-01 Front Lights Moduponent® (#52433) (1)
  • CL-1918-02 Control Panel Moduponent® (#52559) (1)
  • CL-1918-03 Rear Lights with red turn/brake lights Moduponent® (#52435) (1)
  • CL-1918-12 Set of 89 jumper wires (#52440) (1)
  • CL-1918-10 Stand with lockable storage box (1)
  • CL-1918-11 12VDC Power Supply (#52439) (1)


  • CL-1918-04 Trailer Lights (#52436)
  • CL-1051-01 Moduponents® Wall Rack (#52820-1)
  • CL-1918-1U Upgrade Kit (#52514-1) — This upgrade kit converts a single sided trainer to a double side.  Each kit contains:
    - CL-1918-01 Front Lights Moduponent®(1)
    - CL-1918-02 Control Panel Moduponent® (1)
    - CL-1918-03 Rear Lights with red turn/brake lights Modupnent® (1)
    - CL-1918-12 Set of 89 jumper wires (1)
    - CL-1918-11 12VDC Power Supply (1)

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In this video we look at ConsuLab's modular 1918 series of products including: CL-1918-1S Automotive Lighting System Trainer CL-1918-2S Automotive Lighting System Trainer w/BCM LV-1918-1S Motorcycle Lighting System Trainer HV-1918-1S Heavy Vehicle Lighting System Trainer



I want to thank you for the EM-2000-OT A/C SYSTEM TRAINER W/ORIFICE TUBE that you sold San Jacinto College. I taught an HVAC class that included high school freshmen. The students had to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get textbooks. The trainer proved invaluable; I was able to teach all of the basic concepts with that machine.

David Engel, San Jacinto College


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