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Using the DSO in the classroom - intro and diagnosis + Add to wishlist


This class will demonstrate how to obtain and evaluate numerous DSO signal waveforms obtained from common engine input sensors (APP, MAF, MAP, IAT, ECT, HO2S, etc),  output actuators (ignition coil, fuel injector, relays, etc), CAN Bus signals, fuel pumps, and many others.  Each attendee will have their own scope to use during the class and “live” signals obtained from training aids will be sent out to them for adjustment, interpretation and evaluation.   “Hands-on” learning has proven to be one of the best methods of comprehension and this class will primarily be “hands-on”.  Attendees will be given a class booklet.
The DSO is rapidly becoming an essential tool for automotive systems diagnosis due to the speed of many signals on vehicles today. The DMM (Digital Multi-Meter) can only do so much. This class covers the basic setup and use of a DSO to capture wave forms. Even if you have never had a scope in your hands or classroom this is the class for you. Attendees will have scopes to work with and you will be able to capture wave forms sent by the instructor. Class provides ideas and strategies for teaching DSO in your classroom. A full color hand out is included.
This class is for instructors who have little or no scope experience and/or for those instructors who own a scope but do not use it for any number of reasons.  Topics covered are: advantages of a scope, scope operation, time/voltage adjustments, trigger types, different waveforms, and many other things.  This is a “hands-on” class where attendees will have a scope to work with during the class.  A full class handout will be included.   Class attendance to be limited to a maximum of 30.


The digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) is rapidly becoming an essential tool with today’s vehicles and increasing electronic technologies.  Some electrical signals are impossible to properly diagnose without a scope.  The scope is often a very misunderstood and an “unknown” for many instructors, students and even technicians.

This seminar will present basic information on the automotive oscilloscope (DSO) including: 
1- Limitations of other diagnostic test equipment (test lights, logic probes, DMM’s, graphing meters and scan tools)
2- Why you should learn how to use an oscilloscope
3- How to setup and use a scope using controls and adjustments
4- Entry level scope pattern set up and interpretation

Attendees do not have to have any prior experience with scopes to attend this class.  Class is intended to present information and reasons why the oscilloscope is becoming almost an essential and necessary diagnostic tool.    Attendees may wish to bring their laptop to class.  There will be some “hands-on” work with provided oscilloscopes and created signals to evaluate.   An extensive class handout will be provided and will also be made available for free download.  It does not have to cost a fortune to purchase and learn how to use a DSO.

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These are wonderful trainers! With the ability to remote control them with a laptop, real life situations can be simulated (read: intermittent faults) and it also helps with so many different areas of expertise! San Jacinto College has these trainers and couldn't be more satisfied. Well done, ConsuLab!

J.P. Goins, GM ASEP instructor, San Jacinto College


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