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Séminaires de formation technique

Utilisation de l'oscilloscope en classe


Cette formation n'est actuellement offerte qu'en anglais.


This class will demonstrate how to obtain and evaluate numerous DSO signal wavefor...

Le futur des systèmes de climatisation - R1234YF & Hybrides


Ce cours de formation examine les réfrigérants existants et nouveaux utilisés dans les véhicules d'aujourd'hui, y compris le R1234yf.  Nous discutons des...

Électricité des freins à air, ABS-ATC-ESP


Au cours de cette séance de formation, nous discutons de l'électrification des systèmes modernes de freins à air comprimé, y compris les systèmes de...

Les systèmes d'injection d'essence moderne - GDI


Dans ce cours, nous discutons de l'évolution passée et présente des systèmes d'injection de carburant et de l'impact qu'ils ont eu sur la combustion, ...

Autonomous Automobiles: The Butterfly Effect


2 hr

Who will need to own a car in 2020?

Whether you believe autonomous vehicles are coming to stay or not, the concept is worth discussion! In t...

Team-Based Learning: Beyond Small Groups


3-4 hrs

Team-Based Learning (TBL) is a strategy to transform a classroom of students into high-performance learning teams. Let's face it; career technol...

First Day Jitters


1.5 hrs

So, you made the decision that you want to quit wrenching and become an automotive instructor? Then right after the classroom keys are handed over t...

Teaching Ignition Theory, Diagnosis and Repair, Using a DMM and a DSO


This seminar will first identify the different types of ignition systems on the road.  We will discuss the differences emphasizing module function, computer function, coils, and input senso...

A hand’s On Approach to Teaching Circuit Analysis and Ohm’s Law


The fundamentals of electricity/electronics seem to be a stumbling block for many automotive students.  This seminar will offer what may be a non-traditional method of teaching the fundamen...

Teaching Diagnosis with a DSO (intro to DSO part 2 of 2)


This seminar will follow the intro to the DSO class and will have the intent of giving instructors practice in capturing and analyzing patterns, using both voltage and current waveforms. &n...

Teaching GDI (Gas Direct Injection) Diagnosis at the DLC


In this seminar we will look at how a GDI system functions.  We will discuss what components are common to most systems and look at fuel pump controls, injector waveforms and the use of fue...

A New Look at Some Old Sensors – Back to the Basics!


This seminar will examine speed and positions sensors: how they work, why they fail, and where they are used.  We will connect a DMM and a DSO to a trainer displaying live patterns and disc...

Teaching Computer Control Using Cause and Effect Relationships


This seminar will emphasize how to teach computer control by using the cause and effect relationship present. We will use a DMM, scanner and a DSO comparing how a signal effects a computer outpu...



I want to thank you for the EM-2000-OT A/C SYSTEM TRAINER W/ORIFICE TUBE that you sold San Jacinto College. I taught an HVAC class that included high school freshmen. The students had to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get textbooks. The trainer proved invaluable; I was able to teach all of the basic concepts with that machine.

David Engel, San Jacinto College


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