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From our beginnings in 1969, ConsuLab has specialized in manufacturing and distributing high quality training materials for professional and technical training. Our expertise is in the fields of transportation technology and all programs related to electricity. Through the years, we have also developed a number of industrial products for the electrical industry.

All of our automotive educational products are built to help students meet the requirements for their specific program and prepare them for a successful future in the workplace. Our products are designed with our philosophy of taking OEM components found in industry today and adapting them for educational purposes by making them safer, more visible, and then adding fault insertion where possible.

We feel that this philosophy will assist student in the following ways:

  • Greater troubleshooting skills;
  • Increased confidence levels;
  • Increased speed of learning;
  • Maintaining motivation through a correlation between training and the realities faced daily in industry.
While we have a solid line of standard products, we also pride ourselves in our ability to customize our products for specific programs. In some instances we go as far as building trainers from OEM components supplied by the school. What does all of this mean for you? Finally a line of training equipment built the way you want it and at a price that you can afford!
Our industrial line of products includes power supplies, test benches, control panels, instrumentation, and electrical safety products, all built to meet or exceed industry norms. As with our line of automotive trainers, our industrial line can be custom built for your needs and specifications.
Take some time and look through our site. Some of the new features include full spec sheets for all of our products and full-color photos, as well as a calendar of events where you can see our products demonstrated and get answers to specific questions. I personally invite you to get to know us better, and see how we can help you in your classrooms.
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Kevin Boden & the entire ConsuLab team
ConsuLab. We cover your entire curriculum.
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I got the half car out of the crate and working yesterday and today I had my Level 3 Electronic Climate Control diagnostics lab using it. This teaching aid is great! The workmanship and design is excellent and it is just perfect for the Level 3 curriculum, including the upcoming changes. We were fortunate that the IPro scan tool we received from the Uniselect donation communicates quite well with the Audi CAN bus system. The Audi also has the electronically controlled, clutchless compressor which is covered in our theory classes so it's a good reinforcement to be able to see it in action, manipulate it and communicate with it. I am very pleased with the quality and applicability of our ConsuLab products (including the engine/AC bench we got recently). They allow me to teach up to 8 students in great detail, whereas only one or two at a time can be involved in a full car. I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of our AC board. Thanks for your excellent insight of design and quality of manufacturing.

Prof. Thomas Brown, Centennial College


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Consulab manufactures educational training materials adapted to meet the needs of technical and vocational schools in the fields of transportation technology electrical engineering.

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