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MP-1918-1U CAN Bus Multiplex Trainer Upgrade Kit w/Power Supply & 3rd Panel + Add to wishlist


TThe ConsuLab MP-1918-1U CAN Bus Multiplex Trainer Upgrade Kit allows to convert the single-sided MP-1918-1S to a double-sided MP-1918-1D, or the single-sided HV-1918-1S to a single-sided HV-1918-1S and a single-sided MP-1918-1S using the same stand.



  • Provides multiple student work stations accessible from either side.
  • Includes two (2) CAN Bus modules that replicates heavy vehicle applications (instrument cluster, input module, engine module and output module). The trainer can also be used to explain the basics of CAN Bus for automotive applications.
  • Includes one (1) rear lights panel and one (1) 12VDC power supply.
  • Demonstrates CAN Bus functions including: wake up mode, lighting controls, engine brake lighting controls, ECM signals and cluster display.
  • Includes analog/digital intputs and outputs.
  • Includes a J-1939 display that allows student to see system data changes in real time.
  • Trainer contains twelve (12) faults integrated into the system that address common issues affecting typical CAN Bus applications.
  • Each module has a breakout box with test points that allows student to troubleshoot the systems.
  • The system has a breakout box for J-1939 and data link connectors that allow students to install an oscilloscope to troubleshoot the signals.



  • One (1) MP-1918-01 Master Moduponent® (53035)
  • One (1) MP-1918-02 CAN Bus Moduponent® (53036)
  • One (1) HV-1918-03 Rear Lights Moduponent® (52926)
  • One (1) CL-1918-11 12VDC Power Supply (92564)
  • One (1) MP-1918-13 Set of jumper leads (53052)



  • Electronic fault box with 12 integrated faults and connecter (keypad controlled with instructor key)
  • Diagnostic test terminals
  • Instrument cluster section
  • Turn signal switch
  • Brake switch
  • Hazard switch
  • Backup switch
  • Headlamp switch
  • Power indicator lamp
  • Circuit fuses
  • Input module section
  • Engine brake mode switch
  • End of line (termination resistor) #1
  • Ground terminals (Black)
  • Battery terminals (Red)
  • CAN Bus LO terminals (Green)
  • CAN Bus HI terminals (Yellow)



  • Engine control module section
  • Accelerator pedal switch
  • CAN Bus junction block
  • Output module
  • End of line (termination resistor) #2
  • Ground terminals (Black)
  • Battery terminals (Red)
  • CAN Bus LO terminals (Green)
  • CAN Bus HI terminals (Yellow)
  • Fault box connecter



  • Rear clearance marker lights
  • Positive terminals (Red)
  • Right/turn/stop LED lights
  • 7-way trailer connecter & terminals
  • Black, red, green & yellow jumper wires for circuit connections
  • Backup light
  • License plate light
  • Left/turn/stop LED lights
  • Ground terminal (Black)

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MP-1918 CAN Bus Multiplex trainer

MP-1918 CAN Bus Multiplex trainer that communicates in J-1939 protocol. Digital and analog inputs and outputs can be activated. Analog signals can be displayed using the J-1939 display.



I got the half car out of the crate and working yesterday and today I had my Level 3 Electronic Climate Control diagnostics lab using it. This teaching aid is great! The workmanship and design is excellent and it is just perfect for the Level 3 curriculum, including the upcoming changes. We were fortunate that the IPro scan tool we received from the Uniselect donation communicates quite well with the Audi CAN bus system. The Audi also has the electronically controlled, clutchless compressor which is covered in our theory classes so it's a good reinforcement to be able to see it in action, manipulate it and communicate with it. I am very pleased with the quality and applicability of our ConsuLab products (including the engine/AC bench we got recently). They allow me to teach up to 8 students in great detail, whereas only one or two at a time can be involved in a full car. I am looking forward to the imminent arrival of our AC board. Thanks for your excellent insight of design and quality of manufacturing.

Prof. Thomas Brown, Centennial College


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