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ConsuLab has built custom products & projects throughout our history. Developing great relationships with schools and OEMs along the way. Many of these products lead to catalogue items that we now offer at large to all our customers. Countless products were bespoke, custom builds for a specific customer or request and are literal one-offs, with only one example existing worldwide.


With our exponential growth in the past years, our design and development resources have become even more precious. Today we find ourselves in the enviable position of having high demand for all our products, to the point where we lack capacity for custom products.

We no longer have the luxury of affording production and design capacity for one-offs. And we may be forced to decline your request for a custom build.

This has led us to only accept non-standard requests that lead to future products.


So now, more than ever it is a great time to get your ideas in.


It means that any request that we do accept will be treated with the full might of our development team, this means 3D modeling, maximized educational outcomes, student exercises, curriculum, a complete full ConsuLab product. We have great success stories like our recent new EM-300-07 SRS restraints & air bag diagnostic trainer, where a customer’s custom request has been transformed into an incredible new product offering! So please send us your requests at: sales@consulab.com



This machine is more than a teaching aide, it's been a God send and I want to thank you and Consulab for your contribution to the educational world.

Richard Cox, North Central Kansas Technical College


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Consulab fabrique des matériaux de formation pédagogiques adaptés pour répondre aux besoins des écoles techniques et professionnelles.

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