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The MF500-HT-TSE is an instructors “dream-come-true” with respect to teaching state-of-the-art, electronically-controlled hydrostatic transmission systems - hands-on. It can even be driven as if it were on a construction site - in real-time. Driving a skid-steer loader around a construction site and operating the MF500-HT-TSE in the lab amounts to the same thing - without the hazards! The electronically-controlled, infinitely variable, wheel-load system allows students to drive the hydrostatic transmission under any type of operating condition, i.e., up-hill, downhill, level surface - it can even simulate a runaway condition.


Features and Benefits

  • Teaching and Learning in real-time
  • The FP-MF500 will rapidly transform students into much needed highly-skilled hydrostatic transmission technicians
  • Extremely versatile
  • Nothing, including an actual vehicle, can match the FP-MF500-HT-TSE’s troubleshooting teaching and learning capability
  • Nothing else matches the FP-MF500-HT-TSE’s diagnostic learning capabilities
  • FP-MF500-HT-TSE safety features are endless



  • Prime mover: Diesel drive
  • Pumps: Any make or type currently available, e.g., Sauer Danfoss®, Rexroth®, Eaton®, Linde®, etc.
  • Pump controls: Mechanical, hydraulic pilot
  • Motors: High-speed/Low torque, fixed or variable displacement motors
  • Hydraulic Implement and Articulated Steering System Module (FP-MF500-IS-TSE)

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MF500-HTTS-E Hydrostatic Transmission Training System

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The instructors here are very impressed with the craftsmanship of the units that were purchased. We just wanted you to know how pleased they are with the simulators, and will definitely recommend your company to others.

Brian Madlem & Deborah Bowling, Lakeland Community College


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