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The EC-140H Cutaway Toyota Prius Hybrid Drive Train is a training system designed specifically for teaching how a typical hybrid drive train operates. The trainer consists of all cutaway drive train components from a Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system including:

  • ICE (internal combustion engine)
  • Torque damper assembly
  • MG1 (motor/generator #1)
  • Planetary gearset (power split device)
  • MG2 (motor/generator #2)
  • Transaxle
  • Inverter
  • HV (high voltage) battery (non-functional)


The ICE, MG1, MG2 and differential output/drive wheels are driven with external electric motors via connecting chains. This design allows the demonstration of eight of the possible hybrid operating modes. All components are cutaway to allow clear student visual learning.


Educational Advantages

  • Clear cutaways allow clear student visualization of hybrid drive train components.
  • Students can observe the eight basic operational modes of a typical hybrid drive train.
  • Completely safe. No high voltages normally associated with hybrids are used.
  • Clear protective plexiglass enclosure for all rotating components.
  • Intuitive control panel/dashboard showing power flow, component speed, and direction of rotation.
  • Three individual motors for ICE, MG1 and MG2.
  • Allows students to observe the continually variable ratio function using a simple planetary gear set (power split device) and varying input speeds.


  • 2010-2015 Toyota Prius
  • 1.8L 2ZR-FXE 4 cylinder with VVT-i Atkinson cycle with Hybrid Synergy Drive

Standard Equipment and Features

  • OEM components, wiring, connectors and wire colors
  • 120 VAC 60 Hz Power Supply with master ON/OFF switch used to power the EC-140H Hybrid trainer. Includes 1.5A protection fuse
  • Mobile stand constructed of 2” (5cm2) tubular steel equipped with four 5” (12.7cm) phenol casters (2-fixed and 2-swivel w/locks)
  • Control panel
  • Driving modes including:
    - Reverse
    - Engine start
    - Low speed and low acceleration (stealth)
    - Normal drive (cruise)
    - High speed and full-throttle acceleration
    - High speed energy recirculation
    - Coasting
    - Regenerative braking
  • Drive train information section including a battery charging lamp, a MG2 regeneration lamp, a steady state lamp, a MG1 regeneration lamp, an engine cold temperature lamp, a battery voltage display, a MG2 RPM display, a vehicle speed display, a MG1 RPM display, an engine RPM display, two opposite rotation LED indicators, two system main relay control LED indicators and a drive train schematic diagram
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Emergency panic disconnect button
  • Non-functional
  • HV battery pack

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Please let everyone know the C-12 trainers are working great, they are a big hit with all the top brass when they stop by for a site visit. The students love that lab portion they all really seem to understand the Cat systems more at the end than when they  rst get to class. You can see that light bulb go off in their head after the  rst couple of bugs. Thanks!

CM1(SCW) Ingram, Mickey, CM Advanced School Instructor, NCTC Gulfport, MS


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