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HV-MP-1918 Combination Heavy Truck & Multiplexed Lighting System Trainer + Add to wishlist


The ConsuLab HV-MP-1918 trainer combines an HV-1918-1S Heavy Vehicle Lighting Systems Trainer on one side, with an MP-1918-1S Heavy Vehicle Multiplex Trainer on the opposite side.  The trainer has two completely separate heavy vehicle lighting systems.  The trainer utilizes the “Moduponent®” design feature which allows unlimited expansion capabilities.  A Moduponent® consists of a clear Plexiglas sheet with components, wiring and socket test points attached.  The Moduponent® is attached to the trainer frame using quick connect fasteners which allows easy removal and attachment for different configurations.



  • The MP-1918-1S Trainer uses SAE J1929 communications protocol to operate a 4 module CAN Bus network , which includes both a DLC and a Deutch Connector;
  • The trainer demonstrates common multiplexing circuit controls via a high speed CAN Bus network;
  • Students connect modules and components using included jumper wires;
  • The MP-1918-1S can be used as a CAN Bus demonstration trainer, or, using the included comprehensive student lab manual, as a CAN Bus training course;
  • Built-in fault insertion can be placed in the trainer for diagnostic training or student evaluation;
  • CAN Bus diagnostics can be thought using a DMM and DSO to look at Bus resistance, wake up signal and high speed information packets;
  • The HV-1918-1S is a complete heavy vehicle lighting system with front, rear, brake, clearance, turn/hazard and backup lights with a 7 wire connector;
  • Meets CSA/UL safety requirements;
  • Most complete heavy vehicle lighting and accessory circuit trainer available;
  • Modular LED lights (except headlights) that match on-highway truck components;
  • Built to train up to four students at a time.



  • 1- HV-1918-01 Front Lights Moduponent® (52924)
  • 1- HV-1918-02 Lighting Switch Controls Moduponent® (52925)
  • 2- HV-1918-03 Rear Lights Moduponent®(52926)
  • 1- HV-1918-08 5-Clearance Lights Kit (52928)
  • 2- HV-1918-12A Set of 89 jumper leads (52557)
  • 1- Stand with lockable storage box (52438)
  • 2- 12VDC Power Supply (52439)
  • 1- MP-1918-01 Master Moduponent™
  • 1- MP-1918-02 CAN Bus Moduponent™
  • 1- MP-1918-13 Network cable

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The training aids that we have from Consulab are excellent, and are much more detailed than the other companies that offer similar products. I use them while teaching in my class, and the students really understand when the cutaways are right there, rather than just a picture in a book. Your Sales and Service have been great!

Marc Michaud, Lee County High Tech Central


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