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HV-126-DM Air Drum Wheel End Training System w/Cutaways + Add to wishlist


The ConsuLab HV-126-DM_052960 trainer includes a heavy-duty trailer drum assembly with air chamber and wheel end. Using shop air (90 psi minimum) the service and parking brakes can be applied, the brake system can be dismantled, adjusted and the brakes can be measured. The trainer includes cutaways showing the s-cam, the slack adjuster and the bearing races.


Educational Advantages

Demonstration of a heavy duty air drum brake system to groups of students without the access limitations of a complete vehicle. Student assignments available.


  • Bendix (air valves and booster)
  • Meritor (slack ajuster)
  • Macpek (drum brake and axle)

Standard Equipment and Features

  • Air drum assembly
  • Connections for service and parking brake
  • Bendix PP-1 Push-pull Type Control Valve
  • Bendix E2 Foot Brake Valve
  • Bendix R-14 Relay Valve
  • Bendix SR-5 Anti-compound Trailer Spring Brake Valve
  • Air Reservoir
  • Pressure Gauges

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HV-126 Air Brake Drum

Does your school need to teach drum air brakes? Find out more about what the ConsuLab Air Brake Drum can do in your classroom.



I want to thank you for the EM-2000-OT A/C SYSTEM TRAINER W/ORIFICE TUBE that you sold San Jacinto College. I taught an HVAC class that included high school freshmen. The students had to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get textbooks. The trainer proved invaluable; I was able to teach all of the basic concepts with that machine.

David Engel, San Jacinto College


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